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Polyurea is increasingly important as a high-quality coating material in the field of industrial corrosion protection.

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Polyurea  is being used more and more, both in the production of new parts for pipework and the construction of shafts, sewer lines and pipelines and in the field of renovating existing infrastructures.

After more than 30 years of experience with PU systems, a high-quality system concept “Made in Germany” has been presented following a year of development work. There is an almost free choice of mixing ratio from 1:1 to 10:1, which means that nearly any mixture type used for in-situ foam or polyurethane/polyurea elastomers can be applied.

With the WIWA DUOMIX PU 460 series, you now have access for the first time to systems that allow you to handle such applications on a large-scale without having to invest in building costly special machinery.

Additional information

Mixing ratio

1:1 (1:1 to 10:1 possible)

Max. Fluid Pressure

240 bar / 3480 psi

Pressure ratio


Output per Cycle

194 cm3 / 0.05 gal

Max. Inbound Air Pressure

8 bar / 120 psi

Max. Application Rate

12 ltr./min., 3.1 gal./min.

Max. Hose length

123 m / 405 ft.


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