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The compact and versatile WIWA DUOMIX 230 is based on the worldwide proven and reliable system concept of the WIWA DUOMIX 300/333 plural component heavy-duty coating systems.

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Powerful plural component airless paint spraying system DUOMIX 230

The modular design enables individual solutions for almost all fields of application. The DUOMIX concept gives you the assurance of a fixed mixing ratio and the flexibility of a variably adjustable plural component system. With just a flick of the wrist the system can be converted to other mixing ratios by simply exchanging the hardener pump, without the necessity of cc-ing and adjusting. Efficient and environmentally friendly.

Additional information

Mixing ratios

1:1 to 10:1

Pressure ratio

22:1 to 74:1

Max. output per cycle

up to 266 cm3 (9 fl.oz.)

Weight (depending on design)

approx. 230 kg


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