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maximum performance paint spraying equipment with hydraulic motors

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A member joins the WIWA product family. Besides the pneumatically driven WIWA application technology, which has been worldwise approved for more than 50 years, you can now buy our maximum power paint spraying units and plural component coating systems also with hydraulic motors.

Key Features:

  • No interruption of work caused by icing
  • Hardly any pulsation because of the extremely quick stroke reversal
  • Pumps of the POWER PACK range can be integrated into existing hydraulic systems without any problems
  • Quiet hydraulic drive
  • Powerful for high pumping volumes under high pressure
  • Energy saving of up to 60 %
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance costs


Hydraulics: The alternative for maximum power in continuous use. Optimally suited for operations and applications where no compressed air supply is available.

Additional information

Output per cycle (cm3 / gal)

138 – 550, 0,036 – 0,145

Pressure ratio

1.5:1 to 3.4:1

Max. Operating Pressure (bar / psi)

225 – 455, 3262.8 – 6598.0

Max. oil pressure (bar/psi)

133 – 150, 1928.7 – 2175.2

Max. Oil Flow in l/min (gal/min) at 60 cycles

28,5 – 66, 7,53 – 17,44


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