Steel Coating

Protective Coating of Steel Plates

With its optimal connections over rail, water and road, Euroblast’s fully automated steel-blasting operation in Antwerp belongs to the most highly productive companies of this type. Specializing in the blasting and preservation of steel plate for ship-building, offshore use and industry, steel plate and channel is processed in widths up to 3,6 m. The more than 7000 sqm production and logistic area includes a 100 m processing line where commissioned pieces are heated, blasted and coated with diverse materials such as epoxy and zinc silicate primers.

The technical demands placed on the surface treatment process for the steel plates with its 15–20 μ thick protective coating were very high due to the strict Belgian environmental regulations. The solvent content of the coating had to be minimized to meet the given VOC limits. In consultation with our Belgian partner Euromat, the planning and realisation of the fully automated coating operation was completed in a few months. A newly developed spray unit was installed, with an interruption-free paint supply which allowed for fast material change and significantly reduced the usage of flushing solvent at the same time.

The advantages of the WIWA FLEXIMIX I and FLEXIMIX II units were ideally combined, giving Euroblast the ability to process both large and small jobs quickly and efficiently. Fluid heaters, agitators and a computer-controlled proportioning system, among other technical refinements, are used to optimize the work process and allowed from the start a trouble-free two-shift operation.

85 Tons of Coating Material Per Year

Steel is widely used in many sectors of the economy as a material with versatile utility, but is also often exposed to both weathering and mechanical influences. For these reasons, corrosion protection is a central topic for many metal-machining companies. The company Buschheuer, a service provider with three plants in southern Germany, has made itself a name in this sector. This successful company performs all types of corrosion protection work ranging from automatic sand blasting to optically and qualitatively highgrade steel coating.

The coating of the steel structures of the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium in Stuttgart and the thermal baths in Erding are just two successful examples. The efficiency of the application technology used plays a major role on account of the high material consumption, which amounts to about 85 tons per year. Buschheuer chose WIWA PROFESSIONAL installations for the processing of single or dual component materials with various mixing ratios.

Steel Coating for Demanding Major Projects

Steel structures for demanding major projects. Peer Stahlbau uses a fully automated steel processing line, covering an area of several thousand square metres to produce more than 10,000 tons annually for industry, for machine manufacturing and for steel buildings and parking garages. It goes without saying here that corrosion protection plays a particularly major role. By employing modern, efficient coating equipment such as the WIWA Professional 28064 for coating the steel, Peer Stahlbau can not only offer appropriate corrosion protection for steel, but also a variety of colour schemes.

Coating of Large Steel Parts

The relocation in 2008 to a new, generous factory hall in Karlsfeld, near Munich, resulted in sufficient space for the expansion of the company Kiesmueller Korrosionsschutz GmbH. The modern production areas are divided into sandblasting, small parts paint shop and large component paint shop. The overhead track unit of 152 metres and the large spray booth of 12 metres in length allow for the coating of large steel parts. A total of 5 WIWA pumps, such as the WIWA PHOENIX 11032 and the WIWA PROFESSIONAL 28048 are used here. Thus, nearly all customer requirements from industrial coatings to heavy corrosion prevention for steel can be easily realised.

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