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The areas of application for polyurea are almost limitless. Polyurea is a sprayable, plural component polymer, that provides excellent protection to various surfaces, such as factory equipment, industrial flooring, parking lots as well as swimming pools and sewage tanks. Polyurea can be applied to many substrates, such as steel, aluminum, concrete, fibreglass, plastic and numerous foams. Typical applications for polyurea include:

  • Lining of pipes and pipelines
  • Tank linings
  • Floor and parking lot coatings
  • Truck bed linings
  • Track bed coatings
  • Railcar coatings
  • Protective coatings for biogas reactors and sewage plants
  • Protective coatings for chemical plants

The WIWA Duomix PU460 Polyurea Machine

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Next to the characteristics of the coating, the most important factor in successful application of polyurea is the use of an advanced polyurea machine like our WIWA Duomix PU 460. Operating fluid pressures of up to 240 bar or 3480 psi puts the Duomix PU 460 polyurea machine in a class that competitors only reach with hydraulic pumps.
This compact unit is mounted on a multi-functional wheeled cart with lifting points for a crane or forklift. This provides maximum flexibility in getting the unit to and from the worksite.

The Polyurea Hose Package

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Our sturdy but flexible hose packages heat up quickly and can be linked together up to a maximum length of 123 meters or 403 feet. If the optional hose rack is added to the system, all system components required for spraying can be easily transported together.

The simple-to-use color display provides all important application data. Usage meters are also integrated into the controls to keep an eye on the amount of coating sprayed. Three phase units include lights that indicate that all phases are in use, which is very useful when working with a generator. Inbound air pressure, fluid pressure and any fluctuation between the ISO and Poly pressures are constantly monitored by the system.

This precise control of mix ratio enables the PU 460 polyurea machine to provide extreme reliability in all applications. The outbound fluid pressures can also be visually monitored on pressure gauges located where the hose package is attached to the pump.

The powerful and patented fluid heaters provide 6000 watts of power each and guarantee the shortest possible pre-heating time. The large fluid passages ensure minimal turbulence and even heat distribution to each component. A switch on the control panel allows the heaters to be run at half the wattage and enables the unit to be used with generators with a lower power rating or more standard polyurethane coatings that do not require as much heat. Polyurethane foams can also be processed.

The PU 460 can be used to apply polyurethane foams, for example to seal and protect large roofs. Industrial sealant applications, such as for bathtubs and shower stalls, show the flexibility of our system. In addition to Polyurethanes and polyureas with extremely short pot lives, the PU 460 can be set up for processing standard polyurethanes with mix ratios between 1:1 and 8:1 by simply adding a third material pump, external mixer and airless spray gun. One pump, multiple applications.

The heart of this polyurea system is the tried and tested WIWA Duomix 230 proportioner that provides precise mix ratio results. During operation, the pistons are washed with a release agent that circulates between the air motor and material pumps. At the end of work, the pistons are parked in position, to minimize the crystallization of residual isoscyanate. The optional feed pumps can be immersed in release agent to avoid any unwanted chemical reactions. Mixing of the material first occurs in the impingement chamber of the polyurea spray gun immediatelly prior to application.

A tool box and comprehensive instruction manual round out the package.
If you would like more detailed information about this innovative polyurea machine and its areas of use, give us a call. We would be happy to find the perfect solution for your specific job requirements.

Dam Renovation with Polyurea Protective Coatings

Dam walls of concrete must be inspected and renovated regularly. During the inspection of the reservoir Girotte near Hauteluce in Savoy in the French Alps, significant defects were discovered. The dam wall measuring 510 metres in length and 48.5 metres in height was completed in 1948. In addition to several massive cracks, it was also discovered that the concrete had aged prematurely. Once the loose component parts were removed from the cracks and filled with a special adhesive, acrylate gel was injected in order to seal off any hidden and/or inaccessible hollows.

The company SPIE, carrying out the work, decided to use the material Polyura PC 4840 Purea from TRADECC in order to protect the aging concrete at its weak points. When choosing the suitable application technology, the French company decided to use the high performance WIWA DUOMIX PU 460 polyurea machine. The core of this system is the fluid heater, the heat transfer area of which is approximately 70% larger than the heat transfer areas of competitive units. The coating material does not have any direct contact with the heating elements and can thus be heated gently from 20 °C to 85 °C in only 3 minutes.

Additional requirements were the process safety such as phase control, differential pressure switching control and the control of the mixing ratio. The electrically heated hose package measuring 48 metres complemented the specification requirements. Michel Laksander, the WIWA representative in France, supervised the first use on site in order to ensure the process-safe coating for this project, as well as for all other future projects of the company SPIE.

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