Paint spray equipment

Professional Spraying Equipment for Industry and Craft Trade

Our paint spraying equipment is suitable for almost all fields of application in industry and craft trade. Due to the wide range of capacity and the vast variety of possible equipment variants, WIWA spray equipment is most suitable for most application methods and materials, especially for the application of water varnishes.

Spraying Systems for The Marine and Offshore Industry

In the Marine and Offshore industry, companies demand ever more economical solutions such as maximum availability larger load capacities and efficient maintenance of value. In precisely the last point, corrosion protection plays a very important role. For almost 60 years, WIWA has supplied national and international shipyards with professional spray equipment which has been optimized for the corrosion protection requirements in ship construction and the offshore industry. Examples of WIWA spray equipment can be found all over the world in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Equipment for Spray Painting Lines

High productivity and short transit times are the most important requirements for most spray painting lines. WIWA’s innovative accessory range of spray equipment, can be optimally integrated into many systems, thereby providing the basis for highly efficient coating and spray painting installations. Especially in cases where the material needs to be precisely mixed and frequently changed, innovative WIWA technology is used by may customers.

Spray Systems for Coating Pipes and Pipelines

Many pipelines have to operate under extreme conditions and are therefore often stressed to their limits. Corrosion can lead to cracks and leakage, which in worst case can cause massive environmental damage and financial loses for the operator. To insure long term efficiency, proper internal and external coating at installation as well as renovation is extremely important. WIWA supplies many pipe manufacturers with high-quality spray equipment, like rotary atomizers, proportioning pumps and feed systems for epoxy and polyurethane coating materials.

Customizing Spraying Equipment is Our Specialty!

Some coating applications are impossible to realize with off-the-shelf products. At WIWA LLC, we have concentrated on customizing spraying systems to suit our customers specific needs for over a decade. If your existing equipment needs to be modified or if you need a custom system contact us and we will provide you with a professional solution that will exceed your expectations.

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