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WIWA Coating Equipment for The Marine and Offshore Industry

One of the original cornerstones of WIWA’s pump program was applications for the marine and offshore industries. For over 50 years, WIWA has worked very closely with coatings manufacturers to supply top of the line equipment to shipyards throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Since the establishment of WIWA LLC in 2000, we have been able to become a standard in many shipyards in the United States as well. Particularly when dealing with high-viscosity, 100% solids epoxies, WIWA standard airless and plural component pump packages have proven themselves time and again to provide quality you can count on!

Marine Structures are exposed to a highly aggressive environment, which provides a severe test of the durability of the materials used. Ships and oil-rigs have to withstand the continous influence of salt-water for years or even decades. Corrosion leads to cracks and leakage which threatens human safety and causes massive environmental damage and financial loses for the operator. Especially on offshore-platforms, the costs for repair or replacement of defective parts are much higher than for similar onshore structures.

To insure long term efficiency, proper internal and external anti-corrosive coating at installation as well as renovation is extremely important. The coating used for corrosion protection isolates the steel from the environment. All application parameters have to be strictly controlled to ensure the effective coverage of the metal surface. Even small faults during surface preparation or during the coating process can lead to massive damage afterwards.

For more than 50 years, WIWA has supplied shipyards with innovative, sturdy and powerful coating systems which are specially optimized for corrosion protection under the most extreme conditions in shipbuilding and the offshore industry. These systems are in use worldwide to contribute to the safe and economic operation of marine structures.

On this page, we want to present our equipment for the application of heavy-duty corrosion protection materials in the marine and offshore industry.

Dubai Drydocks: Anti-Corrosive Coating for a Tanker Hull

Dubai Drydocks was founded in 1981 and is one of the largest shipworks in the Middle East. In addition to ship refitting and repair work, the application of specialty coatings to hull exteriors is another important activity in their line of work. For coating steel surfaces which are exposed to extreme mechanical and chemical stress, such as the area of the hull below the water-line on ships which travel in ice-covered waters, abrasive-resistant, solvent-free, two-component epoxy resins find special use. Using several WIWA plural component airless spray units, the material Marathon IQ was applied to the 10,000 sqm hull surface of the SCF Baltica, a 250m long Russian oil tanker, in just 3 days.

WIWA DUOMIX Dual Component Airless Paint Spraying Equipment for Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection

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In world-wide applications, this WIWA Dual Component Series has proven its effectiveness coating large surface
areas and has enjoyed world-wide success in the ship building-, marine- and offshore-industry for two and three component applications, such as block, ballast,tank, outer hull and deck coatings. The DUOMIX 230 and 300/333 can be used with a large variety of plural component coating materials for corrosion protection and are probably the only dual component systems world-wide which combines the flexibility of a variable mixing ratio and the security of a fixed ratio system, in addition to being able to process three component applications.

Requiring little work at all, the center hardener pump can be exchanged to achieve almost any mixing ratio between 1:1 and 8:1 incl. decimal values. The time-consuming litering and adjusting necessary for other dual component systems is eliminated, as well as the unintentional alteration of the mixing ratio’s setting.

The WIWA DUOMIX 300/333 is in use world-wide for the processing of high viscosity, solvent-free two and three component materials that are used for corrosion protection appliciations in the marine-, offshore- and shipbuilding industry. When working with materials having an extremely short potlife (i.e. 30 seconds), the WIWA DUOMIX 300/333 best exhibits its strengths.

Decorative Coatings for Luxury Liner Hulls

In two of the largest roofed docks in the world, luxurious passenger ships, gas tankers, livestock transporters and car ferries are manufactured using the most modern production methods. Family-owned since 1795, the Meyer Shipyard in Papenburg, Germany continues to optimize manufacturing processes, making it one of the most modern shipyards in the world. In addition to protective surface coatings and anti-corrosive coatings for underwater surfaces, decorative coatings for
luxury liner hulls are becoming more and more a factor. For the application of these various coatings, the Meyer shipyard uses a large number of WIWA PROFESSIONAL pumps.
WIWA Professional and Herkules: proven a thousand times over in the marine and offshore industry
Low-wear airless spray painting unit. The well-thought out design, high-quality materials and precision in-house manufacturing are the basis for the worlds recognized WIWA quality.

WIWA FLEXIMIX: Ideal for Shipyard Operations

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The unique plural component mixing and proportioning units from WIWA are fast and easy to operate and can be ready for use in only seconds. Equipped as standard for monitoring of the mixing ratio with automatic shutdown and electronic analysis of results, these high performance (up to 450 bar) units are ideal for shipyard operations.s

WIWA SHIP-PAINTER 6552 und 3033

Across the seas of the world, the SHIP-PAINTER PHOENIX 6552 is in use around the clock for repair and coating work. For touch-up work and smaller painting jobs, the PROFIT 3033 is an invaluable aid on long


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The enviromentally friendly WIWA plural component equipment series proven worldwide in high coverage coating applications. The optimal concept and outfit for all shipyard tasks through a variety of modular

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