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WIWA Coating Equipment for Decorative and Protective Surface Coating

Most kind of coatings – no matter whether they are used as a primer, intermediate coating or top coat – can only be processed and applied using appropriate coating equipment. Coatings have to protect the substrate to which they are applied and/or to enhance its appearance. They can only be effective and give the desired protection level if the surface has been carefully prepared and high-quality coating equipment was used.

WIWA is a leading manufacturer of coating systems for the application of single and plural component coatings. Especially our heavy-duty coating systems for plural component polyurethanes and epoxies are well-known for their reliability and versatility. These powerful coating systems are mainly used for corrosion protection for example in the the pipeline industry, the marine and offshore industry as well as industrial spray painting of any kind.

WIWA’s high performance paint spraying equipment and industrial coating systems are used day by day even under the most extreme conditions. No matter what kind of coating you have to apply, we offer the perfect solution. WIWA has spent over 60 years developing and manufacturing innovative coating systems for processing, pumping and spraying a large variety of liquids and coatings. Particularly our advances in spray technology and fluid processing have provided industry leading solutions for our customers.

Plural Component Coating Equipment for Decorative and Protective Ssurface Coating

The demands on the protective attributes of coatings and coating systems are growing ever higher. Production and space requirements call for very short curing times of the coatings. Furthermore, to meet environmental standards, coatings must be applied with a minimum amount of solvent. The solution is provided by plural component coating materials and the corresponding coating equipment. In direct cooperation with leading coating manufacturers, WIWA has developed and optimized effective plural component coating equipment.

WIWA DUOMIX – Heavy-Duty Coating Systems

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The WIWA DUOMIX 230 and 300/333 are heavy-duty coating systems that are suitable for a wide range of plural and triple component coating materials. The WIWA DUOMIX coating equipment ist actually the only plural component system in the world that offers the reliability of a fixed mixing ratio in combination with the flexibility of a variably adjustable plural componentcoating system and can also be used as triple component system. Used all over the world for the application of highly viscous, solvent free plural or triple component materials on large areas. When using materials with extremely short pot life (e.g. 30 seconds) the WIWA DUOMIX reveals its particular strength. A glance at the extensive, optionally available range of accessories shows that a vast variety of equipment variants for innovative fields of application is also available for this product range.

DUOMIX PU 460 – Polyurea Coating Equipment

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The WIWA DUOMIX PU 460 is a powerful system design for applying Polyurea and PU-foam. With powerful material flow heaters, phase monitoring, differential pressure shut-down and control of the mixing ratio the PU 460 offers high process reliability in all fields of application.

WIWA’s single and plural component coating systems are suitable for a vast variety of requirements in decorative and protective surface treatment. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians always focus on the best possible utilization efficiency when designing industrial coating systems. This creates added value, which is trend-setting in this line of business.

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