Customizations and Solutions

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Customizing equipment to meet individual requirements is our specialty!


At WIWA LP, we understand that off-the-shelf products do not always fit specialized applications. Therefore we have concentrated for over a decade on individual solutions to various customer requirements.


Just a Few Examples

[ul type=”check”][li]Trailer Outfitting[/li]
[li]Paint Kitchens[/li]
[li]Custom Framing[/li]
[li]Custom Hose Packages[/li]
[li]Feed Systems[/li][/ul]

Specialized Solutions

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Top-quality single and plural component coating equipment for processing, pumping and spraying a large variety of coatings.


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High-performance Airless and AirCombi spray equipment for decorative and protective surface treatment.


[iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Polyurea Solutions” icon_link_url=”” icon_link_text=”Learn More” icon_name=”icomoon-lab”]

WIWA DUOMIX PU 460 – the perfect system for applying polyurea coatings and polyurethane foams


[iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Corrosion Solutions” icon_link_url=”” icon_link_text=”Learn More” icon_name=”icomoon-ship”]

Heavy-duty corrosion protection for marine and offshore structures is our speciality!


[iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Steel Coating Solutions” icon_link_url=”” icon_link_text=”Learn More” icon_name=”icomoon-magnet-4″]

WIWA offers high-end spraying equipment for the efficient protection of steel against corrosion.


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