The New WIWA Herkules GX Series

The WIWA HERKULES GX SERIES consists of paint spraying units particularly suited for large areas and thick film coatings where extremely high pressure ratios and high volume output are required. The WIWA HERKULES 270 GX is a dynamic and powerful supplement to our single feed product range, providing the highest pressure ratio: 88:1, while the WIWA HERKULES 333 GX, our latest addition, with its biggest and most powerful air motor yet, provides the highest output at a given pressure ratio.

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The new technology oil – free, low noise, anti – icing air motors not only provide an improved work environment; with their enormous output, these units can – without pulsation – easily feed multiple guns with hoses longer than 100 meters. The units are suitable for continuous operation in the toughest conditions and ideal for automated spraying and paint circulation systems. The units are made of the highest quality materials. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and are crafted to require the lowest possible maintenance, which makes the series highly durable and very economical.


  • a stable, multi-functional frame, including ring bolts for easy lifting
  • self-adjusting packings (resulting in reduced wear and tear and lower maintenance costs)
  • a QR code on the machine for quick access to the device’s technical data
  • a hook spanner for the coarse thread, easy-to-open material pump and high pressure filter

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