Testimonial JADCO
  • JAD Equipment Co Inc.

In 2003 JAD Equipment Co Inc of Youngstown, Ohio was searching for a solution for our customers spray pumps to spraying zinc rich coatings without problems.

The problem:
1 – The pumps they were currently using had air motor freezing problems. The air motor would freeze and the customer would have to beat on the top of it to get it working, thus denting and breaking things and getting very frustrated and so on and so on.
2 – They wanted us to figure it out what technology was out there to remedy this and what we found was WIWA. WIWA was in its infancy in this country and we knew very little about the pumps. They looked strange and had a funny name but the people at WIWA said just try them and we would be surprised.

The Solution:
1 – We put 3 or 4 pumps into the field and let our customers run them hard and what a success it was. No more freezing and man you could beat these pumps and they just run and run. Everyone says “Good German Technology” What a line of pumps and equipment we can now offer. These pumps do what they say and doesn’t use or need excuses.
JAD Equipment Co Inc. now sells 99% Wiwa Airless Units and now WIWAS Plural component equipment which is a whole other success story. It has been a pleasure to work with Jeffrey Wold and his very helpful and knowledgeable staff, from Cherise in the office (great girl) to “Von”, and the rest of the WIWA LLC family. Keep up the great work

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